Golden Labyrinth Health and Healing is a wholistic healthcare system aimed at nourishing the whole body--mind, spirit and emotions--based on the philosophy of Chinese Medicine and Native American healing arts.  

The bodywork treatment is called Amma Therapy and is a full body massage with effects that are similar to acupuncture.  The difference is that instead of using needles, the practitioner will use hands-on healing and stimulation of the acupuncture points with the sensitivity of the hands.  This allows the client to get a deeper meaning into their physical pains and also connect emotional and energetic patterns of disharmony. Amma Therapy is a full body massage that will work on each meridian on the body as well as most major muscle groups.  The effects feel like a combination of acupuncture and deep tissue massage with a sense of renewed balance and centering. 

Carly is also trained in Herbal consultations, Nutrition recommendations and meal planning, Talk Therapy, and Shamanic Healing Arts. A typical session can include any of these modalities as needed.

The mission of Golden Labyrinth Health and Healing is allowing each client to regain a sense of freedom and to initiate a positive healing force in their life based on realigning with their authentic self. The Labyrinth symbolizes a return to center, walking through the unknown twists and turns of life to arrive at a center of balance, and then using that new-found balance to walk back out into the world with fresh eyes and a new sense of freedom. Golden Labyrinth Health and Healing believes that every client holds the potential of transformation within themselves, and as practitioners we help to bring that potential into form.  The path of healing starts with a single step forward.  

Each treatment is tailored to address the clients unique self.  Amma Therapy can help treat most illnesses; some common conditions Amma can help with include:

Physical aches and pains      Nerve Pain       Post surgery        Insomnia        Headaches       Low Energy       

Digestive Issues      Depression       Anxiety     Prolonged Grief       Allergies       Pregnancy Labor Induction     

Amma Therapy uses related techniques such as Moxibustion (the application of heat and herbs to acupuncture points), Fire Cupping (fire creating suction to remove toxins from the tissues), Gua Sha (connective tissue release), Herbal Liniments and Oils, Nutrition and Food Energetics, Chinese Herbs, Meditation, and Movement Arts such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi.  The Amma session may also include Deep Tissue, CranioSacral and Swedish Massage techniques.  Each Amma Therapy treatment is unique based on what the body is presenting with at that time.

Watch a short video of Carly demonstrating Amma Therapy! Note that the bodywork techniques and acupuncture points used are unique to each clients needs.