Carly Rice - Amma Therapist, LMT #21888, Certified Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Carly is passionate about health and healing! She has been studying Eastern philosophy academically for over ten years.  Carly studied Amma Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Herbs and Tai Chi at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts. Carly has also studied in Shamanic Healing from Saybrook Graduate School and obtained a Certificate in Shamanic Healing from Rising Fire School of Shamanism.  Carly holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Philosophy as well. Carly's specialty is in using the principles of Chinese Medicine without the use of needles and in techniques of Amma Therapy.   She also studies Native American healing arts and uses some hand-on healing techniques from these influences.

Carly is constantly working to better her craft and hone her skills.  She is continually studying Chinese philosophy and herbs as well as shamanic energy work and client treatment. She has a natural intuitive ability of tuning into the emotional and energetic aspects of discomfort and disease.  Carly believes in the innate wisdom of the body and in giving each of her clients the guidance, knowledge and tools to heal themselves.  

In her free time, Carly enjoys drinking tea and reading philosophy, practicing martial arts forms, gardening, dancing, painting murals and sculpting with clay, and spending time in nature with her majestic wolf dog, Nico.