Shamanic Healing


Shamanic healing is a profound way of getting to the deeper truths that we each hold within us. Many of the illness that we have can be traced back to our history, our childhoods, our interactions with our family members and loved ones.  Shamanic healing sessions help you to uncover and see more clearly habitual patterns, energetic imprints and ways of being in this world.  This work is profound in many different ways, and each session is completely unique.  Most often there will be a combination of talking, listening, getting to know your individual circumstances, and then there will be an interactive portion where we explore together, and finally an energetic portion that the practitioner will do while you are resting comfortably.  This may include the use of the medicine bundle, drum, rattles to see and feel your energy field and track your circumstances in order to see more clearly what you may not be able to see.

Some common Shamanic Healing practices are :

  • Destiny Retrieval: Bringing back your unique gifts that you bring to the world and helping you to reclaim access to your passion

  • Soul Retrieval - where the shaman will track down and bring back lost soul parts that have left you during a traumatic incident or time of distress

  • Physical Aches and Pains - working at an energetic level to move your bodily pains so you can understand them at a deeper level and address the root cause

  • Energetic Clearing - Either from yourself or your house, we can work to clear your environment and your body if you feel like something is off. Help with chronic Nightmares.

  • Lineage Curses - Family patterns from generation to generation that have impacted your current situation, allowing you to break free from your past and create a new future

  • Relationship Work - healing the habitual patterns in our relationships to make us more vital and authentic in our interactions, and feeling the energetic patterns behind relationship dynamics

  • Personal/Life Coach - Working with you to integrate your authentic self into your daily life and sharing practices to help you live fully embodied

I have been working with Carly for 4 months and in that time she has helped me to heal several issues that I have been struggling with. My physical issues had been ongoing and several energetic issues I have had for years. She has incredible intuitive skills and quickly can feel what is happening in the body and treat it. I was really amazed.

I have struggled with a recurring nightmare for years, and in one session Carly tuned into the energy behind the dream and how it was living in my body and my life. She got to the root of the issue and did a shamanic healing. Since then I have not had that nightmare! I feel empowered and I now have more awareness in areas of myself that had long lay dormant.

I cannot say enough about the amazing work Carly does. She has an incredible set of tools, including powerful healing hands and an intuitive heart and soul!”
-Jessica F

 Carly is trained primarily in the lineage of the Qero peoples of Peru, who live among the High Andes. She has received the Munay Ki rites, and has undergone a 6 year Medicine Wheel intensive. Carly also uses the wisdom and medicine of Lakota tradition as well as some Curanderismo from Mexico.

Please call/text for an appointment 503-998-2896