Here is what clients are saying about Carly at The Golden Labyrinth Health and Healing:

Carly’s Amma Therapy treatment is an incredible one of a kind experience! Even during the first session I could feel the sensations of my own electrical energy moving through my nervous system as she conducted the therapy. The results were powerful, clear, and very real. I felt immediate shifts, openings, and an overall greater flow of my own natural energy moving through my body. These shifts and openings in my energy quickly translated into my life, allowing me to feel differently when I had to approach some emotional sticking points in some of my personal relationships. What used to be emotionally charged, now seemed diffused and it left a space open for greater communication, resolution, and healing. Carly is a practitioner that I would recommend to anyone who is seeking something truly special, because her therapy works.”
-Kyle P
Carly is an extremely gifted Amma therapist. I have been receiving treatments from her for over a year now with consistently positive results! She has aided my healing process in more ways than I thought possible. If you are looking for bodywork from someone that is intelligent, intuitive, friendly, and makes you feel comfortable, then look no further!”
— Kelsey C-M
I went in to see Carly with an odd complaint. The crown of my head was super tight with a strange lump which caused shooting pain down my shoulders. Carly confidently assessed my problem as too much mental stress from school and did Gua Sha to the crown of my head. The pain was entirely gone after that treatment! Now I come in to see Carly whenever I have strange things happening in my body and she is able to connect the dots and find the root of the problem. She is like a detective!”
— Bethany C
My time with Carly was incredible. I had pain in my lower right back. She quickly diagnosed my problem as a difference in leg lengths. I felt so relaxed and a lot more clear minded after our session. The Moxa treatment felt great and opened up some blockages in my back! I am truly thankful for Carly’s intuition and ability to relax just the right muscles without me telling her where. She is truly talented and sweet.”
— Jamaali R
The first Amma treatment I had with Carly was in hopes of addressing the inconsistencies I had been experiencing with my menstrual cycle. I wasn’t sure what to expect but with her deep knowledge and keen intuition she knew exactly how to help. She used Moxa on certain acupoints and told me it was to “warm my uterus.” It aided in the stimulation of my cycle and also seemed to help my digestion! Aside from that, the treatment was deeply relaxing for my active mind and wonderfully innervating for my muscles as well! Each session I’ve shared with Carly has been unique but always provided my body, mind, and spirit with the nourishment it was needing. True gratitude and appreciation for her healing abilities!”
— Arianna T
As a healer, Carly is in tune with the human spirit. My quest to develop my soul has been assisted by her beautiful energy and transfer of ancient knowledge. I am endlessly grateful for her effect and integration in my life of learning to let go and engage my heart.”
— Dr. Nyah Z
My experience with Amma from Carly was spectacular. It worked on my physical being as well as my energetic. The flow of the massage gives you a deep relaxation and energetic opening. She did an energetic needle technique to an acupuncture point which actually felt like a real needle! I felt my Qi grab it and then her adjust the energy. Wow! I left feeling relaxed yet invigorated.”
— Andrew O
Carly’s treatments were so beneficial to me. Her bodywork is great and significantly reduced my stress. She is creative and incorporates new techniques frequently as I went in for treatment weekly. She also offered me some guided meditations after the treatments which left me feeling rejuvenated and hopeful. She noted down ideas and recommendations for me to stay healthy, which I followed through on and gained a lot from her advice. I would highly recommend Carly!”
— Steve W
Carly is a naturally gifted healer and very knowledgeable Chinese Medicine practitioner. I went to see Carly at the recommendation of my daughter for pain in my right hand, IBS and stress. She deftly applied her skills and knowledge to the areas of my body in pain and discomfort. Carly fully answered my questions and prescribed me some Chinese herbs and herbal tea. She also demonstrated a meditation technique to help me relax and focus.

I also requested that she aligned my Chakras. Without touch, she did a ritual that had a pulsing energy flowing through my body from head to toe. It was like nothing I’ve experienced before and it revitalized me, mind and body.

From these treatments I have experienced numerous health benefits and have returned for further sessions. Each time I feel better and better. Make sure you ask Carly about her magical Culing packets for nausea, over eating and hang overs. It doesn’t taste great, but makes you feel brand new in minutes! Working with Carly is truly transformative and I highly recommend her!”
— Melissa M-T