Golden Labyrinth Health and Healing specializes in Amma Therapy Bodywork. What is Amma Therapy?

Amma was first introduced in the US in 1964 by Tina and Robert Sohn. Tina Sohn grew up in Korea and learned the art from her grandmother, who was a highly respected herbalist and acupuncturist. Her grandmother would often leave for weeks at a time into the mountains to gather herbs and treat nearby villages as a barefoot doctor.  Tina had been practicing energy development and Amma techniques with her grandmother since age 4!  After moving to the US with her husband, renowned acupuncturist and Tai Chi master Robert Sohn, together they spent 12 years figuring out how she could share her skills and knowledge with students.  Thus Amma Therapy was born!

Given its history as a lineage art that has been practiced for hundreds of years, Amma Therapy is deeply rooted in the principles of Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy.  Amma is Asian Bodywork and Massage. Amma is Energy movement, Herbs and Nutrition.  The skilled Amma Therapist assesses a clients condition with thorough intake, including tongue and pulse diagnosis.  Similar to acupuncture in its scope and knowledge base, the Amma therapist does not insert needles but instead focuses on the sensitivity and strength of the hands to balance the life energy (Qi).  This allows the therapist to directly experience a full range of information, including skeletal and muscular issues, energetic imbalances, and stagnating emotions.  

Here is a demo video of Carly performing fire cupping